About Us

It's Gee Gee, Baby! began in 2009 when our son was just over 6 months in age. He fell in love with these burp cloths that were given to us as a baby shower present. The burp cloths became our flagship as we purchased an embroidery machine and went on an extensive hunt for the perfect burp cloth! Today, the company has transformed into one that vows to keep you (and your kids and friends!) adorned in all the most popular personalization trends. If it's happening, we'll have it here! If we don't, PLEASE contact us with your suggestions because this is how we thrive! That little 6 month old cutie, Quinn, is now almost 7 and he enjoys running after his little sister, Camdyn (almost 4 years). Quinn outgrew his embroidered "night-nights" when he became a "big boy" at age 6 but Cam still sleeps with two mom-embroidered "night nights" each night. Hmmm...maybe we'll have to change the name of those! ;)